Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 1 Vocabulary

Week 1 vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday, January 22nd.

Acceptable Use Policy- an agreement that outlines guidelines you will adhere to while using a computer and the internet. Must be signed in many institutions where computers are used.

The hardware connected together to create a massive worldwide network.

World Wide Web:
Software that sends information along the internet’s hardware. The software links multimedia documents together using hypertext.

Software used to view information on the world wide web.

Search engine:
Software that helps a user isolate desired information or resources by searching for keywords.

A web site that serves as a starting point to other destinations or activities on the web. A portal attempts to provide all of a user’s internet needs in one location.

A type of Internet domain assigned to URLs which are business or commercial entities.

Home page:
1. A web site’s main page. Usually contains general information about the Web site. 2. The first page that opens when you open your browser.

Web Site:
A group of related files organized around a common topic. Has a location on the WWW.

A web site where users can post a chronological up-to-date journal entry of their thoughts. This communication tool can be individualistic or perform a crucial function for an organization or company.