Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 4 Vocabulary

The quiz for week 4 vocabulary will be given on Thursday, February 12th.

Software that is distributed at no cost to the user. The author maintains the copyright.

Software that enables electronic collaboration between users.

The text or graphic used in an HTML document to jump from one document to another.

Elements on a web page allowing the user to open related web pages by clicking on the mouse.

Navigation bar:
A set of buttons or hyperlinks that when clicked on take you to other sections of the site. Navigation bars should guide users through the web site. The names on navigation bars are usually descriptive.

A graphic that a user can click on to do something, like download a program or go to another web site.

hot spot:
A clickable area on a graphic called an image map. My clicking on the hotspot, the user links to a related page or area of the website. Ex: clicking on the state of Utah on a map of the United States and being directed to a page on Utah.

broken link:
A hyperlink which no longer words when it is clicked on.

The exclusive legal rights to reproduce, publish, or sell something.

Using a tool to remove part of an image.

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